Finally finished writing tonight’s entry. That took longer than it usually does; probably due to me constantly reminiscing on that dream...

I still can’t get my mind off it, even after writing all that down. It doesn’t help that those sorts of dreams have been constantly plaguing me. God. Why me? What’d I even do to deserve this? Especially with that damned note, it just makes my skin crawl. And that song, too. I just don’t get how or even why I dreamt that up.

I shut off my computer before getting up from my desk.

Whatever, I can barely help it anyways. I should just get out of here already.

Who could’ve guessed that me starting a hobby about nine months ago would lead to me losing my mind over a weird note?

Well, even if it’s weird, it’s clearly... something. Could be worth keeping. Important, even.

I gaze over at the clock on my nightstand, it reads: “2:50AM.”

That’s... late. Wow, I hadn’t even noticed. Whatever, I just need some air. I’m going crazy in here.

I switch out of the clothes I wore to bed into something more ready for the walk ahead and grab the things I may need: my phone, wallet and a pocketknife. The area I live in is a relatively peaceful place, but it makes me feel safer to have something I can defend myself with, plus it’s cool. I also take the note with me.

I feel an indescribable need to take it with me.I begin to head out of my apartment, not forgetting to lock the door on the way out. It’s happened too many times than I’d like to admit.

Hopefully this walk will clear my mind.

I begin walking to the store; the chilly autumn air blankets the parts of my body that aren’t covered. It’s cloudy, with a few openings revealing the void of the sky. The full moon peers out of a particularly big opening. The fact that it’s out tonight makes me feel a visceral kind of discomfort. It feels like it’s watching me, almost.

Let’s just hurry this up, I don’t want to be out here for too long. Especially when I’m out this late.

I end up walking by the nearby forest, as it’s the only way to make it to my destination. It’s a fairly big forest, but it’s hard to get lost in it, from what I’ve heard. As I walk alongside it, my mind starts to drift towards that note.

It MUST mean something, right? The fact that it appeared after my dream has to mean something. All these dreams I’ve having and logging in my journal, they’ve all have the moon in them in one way or another. There’s clearly some connection. They aren't anything new either, but why though? I just don’t get it. And how’d it even get into my bedroom? Everything in my apartment was locked so it’s highly unlikely it was broken into. Unless...

Before I really start to wonder, I spot a gas station up ahead. I could go for a snack right about now.

Fuck it.

I enter the gas station store. Being free from the moon’s gaze grants my mind a bit of respite, even if I eventually have to go back under it. After grabbing what I want, I head to the counter, pay for the stuff and get out with my things in a bag. Let’s go back.

I start making my way back to my apartment, eventually passing by the forest again. It’s weirdly quiet. I stop walking, my eyes veering towards the woods for a few moments, staring into its shadowed depths. It sends a bit of a chill down my spine. But after a while, I start to hear... something. It’s eerie, but it’s also calming to me in a way. It feels suggestive.

I can barely make it out, but it sounds... familiar. It can’t be that...

In a spur of half-thought-out curiosity, I brace myself and begin to head into the forest’s murky depths.

Only one way to find out.